Other than being a lifelong bookworm, I am a wife, a mother of a toddler, a substitute teacher, and now a book blogger 🙂

I already write book reviews for fun, so I thought I would start a book blog. Bear with me while I get the hang of this whole blog business. It’s going to look very basic for now, but my goal is for it to eventually look a bit more professional with a cute design. I’m just going to start adding book reviews I have done for myself and for Readers’ Favorite, and if by some miracle, authors actually see my little attempt at a blog and want their books reviewed, please feel free to contact me! I read pretty much anything, as long as it’s fiction. My favorite genres as of now are YA, chick lit, and romance, but like I said, I READ EVERYTHING.

And feel free to comment or like anything, or follow my blog; hey, you can even stalk me a little (just not like outside my window in the middle of the night or anything because that would be creepy). I won’t bite! I’d love to get to know fellow readers 🙂


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